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You are about to create an account on the Shadowland system. There are several important facts which you should be aware of before proceeding.
  1. This user account works for all sites on this server. YOU DO NOT NEED TO CREATE MULTIPLE ACCOUNTS.

  2. You must have a valid Internet E-mail address in order to use the Shadowland system. If you do not know your E-mail address, then DO NOT CREATE AN ACCOUNT.

    If you do not know your E-mail address, then you should consult someone who can help you. Please be ABSOLUTELY sure of your address before you fill out the form below.

  3. This is a free service.

  4. You must choose a username for your account. I recommend something short and simple, since you will need to enter this username every time you log on to any of the sites on this server.

  5. You must choose a password for your account. Again, I recommend something nice and simple, since you will have to enter it every time you log on.

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